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1.1   Fertilizers: - The IAMCO has developed a strong network for marketing of fertilizers through franchisee / business associates in the states of Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, and M.P. IAMCO has been appointed as marketer by IFFCO & KRIBHCO for marketing of fertilizers like UREA, DAP and NPK in above mentioned State. The year-wise sale figures are as under: - 

YEAR                     Qty. (in MT)
2000-02                 32 000
2002-03                 55 000
2003-04                 95 000
2004-05                 65 000
2005-06                 25 000
2006-07                 17 485
2007-08                   9 859
2008-09                 17 611
2009-10                 18251
2010-11                 21441
2011-12                 15215
2012-13                 14306-75
2013-14                 15941-50
2014-15                 25911-45
2015-16                 50514-25

1.2   Franchises: -The total of Franchisee / Business Associates is under: -

 HARYANA     PUNJAB     U. P         C.G        M.P         U.K      
    136               155          950          105       155          55                                

1.3   Food Grains: - The IAMCO is assisting its members in marketing their food grains, Animal Ration, pulses & Dry fruits at remunerative prices keeping a nominal margin to organization like Delhi State Civil Supply Corporation, ICDS Haryana, Tihar Jail, H.P. State Civil Supply Corporation, Social Welfare Department Delhi & H.P, Kendriya Bhandar Delhi, Super Bazaar Delhi, Modern food Industries, Maruti Udyog Ltd and International Development Agencies like World Food Programme, CASA India, PEPSI Food Ltd., etc. The year-wise sale figures of food grains / pulses were supplied to these organizations as under:

YEAR                             Qty. (in MT)
2009-10                          11678.51
2010-11                         13624.33
2011-12                          21621.87

1.4   Export: - The IAMCO is in the business of export of Rice to World Food Programme (WFP) Thailand. The sale figure of export of Rice to WFP as under:

YEAR                             Qty. (in MT)
2009-10                         2725.00
2010-11                         1367.50
2011-12                         8411.00

1.5  Sugar: - IAMCO has been supplying sugar toVarious Indusrious.


Technology transfer is an important for development of agriculture / horticulture. The IAMCO had organization one-day seminars on “Latest Technological Development” in Agri-Business management and Horticulture. In these seminars Officers from NHB Govt of India, Gurgaon, Sr. Scientist from IARI, HAU, Hisar, officers of IAMCO addressed farmers / consumers and extension works attended the seminars.


Keeping in view the excellent performance of the society in last Sixteen years, the Board of Directors has directed the society to expand and diversify its activities. Accordingly society has planned to extend its fertilizer marketing activities in the state of Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh.

i) Society is also planning to have more awareness programmes about latest technological development for the benefit of its members and farmers in    general.
ii) Society is launching a rural employment scheme with assistance of IFFCO & Kribhco,in, Chhattisgarh, U.P, Uttrakhand and M.P.
iii) Society has planed to setup a cattle feed plant for manufacturing of quality feed and it will be supplied through IAMCO franchises / associates to the farmers of Haryana,Delhi, Rajasthan, U.P, and UK.
iv) Society is also planning to start the marketing of Seeds in state of M.P and CG.
v) Society is planning to start the marketing of Cattle feed in the state of Rajasthan and U.P through its franchises network.


The Board of Directors is the highest Policy and planning body of the organization .The composition of the Board of Directors is as under:

    • Chairman
    • Vice –Chairman
    • Five members elected from general body of the society.
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